2024 Winner - Piano Scholarship

2024 (Sixth) Winner of Dr. Albert Hofammann Scholarship for Young Pianists

Aubrey Brinton, a sophomore at Parkland High School, has been immersed in the world of music since the age of six, when her mother introduced her to the piano. Over the years, Aubrey's dedication to the instrument has flourished, culminating in seven years of formal instruction under the guidance of Jonathan Beitler. As recipient of the prestigious Dr. Albert Hofammann Scholarship, Aubrey extends her heartfelt gratitude for this esteemed recognition of her dedication and talent.

     Beyond her musical pursuits, Aubrey's commitment to her community shines brightly. She lends her talents to accompany the children's choir and leads congregational music at her church. In addition, Aubrey generously shares her musical knowledge by teaching introductory lessons to young elementary school students in her neighborhood.

     Aubrey's leadership extends beyond the realm of music. Serving as president of her church youth group from 2022 to 2023, she exemplifies dedication and initiative. Recently, Aubrey showcased her oratory prowess by clinching first place in the declamation category at a local National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL) Speech and Debate competition. Notably, she is also a valued member of her school's varsity debate team.

     While excelling in the arts and academics, Aubrey finds balance through martial arts. Currently a brown belt in karate, she diligently prepares for her upcoming black belt test in July. Moreover, she demonstrates her passion for mathematics as a member of the National Math Honors Society and as a math peer tutor at her high school.

     In her leisure time, Aubrey indulges in her love for literature, immersing herself in the pages of captivating books. With a diverse array of talents and interests, Aubrey Brinton epitomizes the spirit of dedication, leadership, and passion.