2016 Winner - Piano Scholarship

2016 (Second) Winner of Dr. Albert Hofammann Scholarship for Young Pianists

Emma LaFaver attends Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts (Charter Arts) as a junior instrumental music major. After 11 years of piano pedagogy from Darlene Ziegler, she continues her tutelage.Starting at a young age, Emma consistently earned Superior or Superior Plus ratings as an International Member in the National Piano Guild Auditions, the Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival and the Lehigh Valley Music Teachers Association (LV-PMTA) Achievement Award Auditions. In addition to multiple recitals yearly, Emma performed piano at Musikfest, Hotel Bethlehem and area nursing homes.

While at Charter Arts, Emma spends half of her school day studying music. Some of her courses include AP music theory, music history, jazz improvisation, world music and piano technique in addition to her “regular” academic subjects. Emma performed with the Charter Arts jazz ensemble at Godfrey Daniels and with the school orchestra on piano and cello as well as accompanied vocalists. She also enjoys relaxing with her guitar and ukulele.

Emma is the oldest daughter of David and Joanna LaFaver. She enjoys kayaking, camping and hiking with her family. Her other pleasure is flying and is pursuing her interest in general aviation.

Passionate about music and travel, Emma is excited to see where her piano studies will take her! She intends to study piano in college while majoring in Music Therapy.